Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications have changed the way people utilize and interact with their mobile devices. They have turned our phone and tablets into immensely powerful tools that make people lives easier. However, the world of mobile applications has changed immensely since the days of their advent. It used to be commonplace or even expected for every organization to have some sort of mobile application available, but by 2015 there are nearly 3 million apps available in the Apple App store and Google Play store alone. A mobile application has to have a purpose, a reason for the user to download the mobile application, continually use the mobile application and has to have a great marketing and mobile adoption strategy behind it. Applications are still hugely important, because as a recent 2015 study conducted by Nielsen reported, by the end of Q4 2014 U.S. smartphone users spent on average 37 hours and 28 minutes per month in applications and used and average of 26.7 apps per month. That is nearly one full workweek every single month using their smartphone applications. What is more astounding is that this usage is continuing to increase, up from the Q4 2012 average usage of 23 hours and 2 minutes just two years prior. Another study conducted by Forrester Research in 2015, showed that smartphone users spent on average 85% of their device usage time in native applications.
Using Mobile Applications

Today, consumers are savvier than ever. Not only do they have a strong need for mobile applications as their lives become increasingly busy, they now demand that applications meet a discernable need that serves to solve a problem or fill a need. They view their mobile device as a very important and even vital tool that they interact with almost constantly, and the valuable space on those devices are viewed as precious real estate. Today, apps must prove themselves to their users as a vital tool to their device owners, or their life will be short lived. User experience, functionality and size are critical to ensuring that an app remains on a device after download, but also that it continues to be used.

BLK24 has extensive experience working in the world of mobile applications from ideation, strategy, development, and marketing. For over a decade, BLK24 has worked with the best application developers globally, and we understand how critical the details are in the world of mobile applications.

Mobile Application Services:

  • Mobile App Ideation
  • Mobile App Marketing Strategy and User Adoption
  • Mobile App Architecture, SDK’s and Tools
  • Mobile App Design, Layout, User Experience
  • Mobile App RFP Development
  • Mobile App Functional and Technical Requirements
  • Mobile App Development & Project Management
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Release, Exposure, User Experience Optimization & Scalability, Growth Hacking and User Adoption
Mobile Applications