Call Center Cost Take-Out

Five, even ten years ago, call center executives use to have to make tough decisions on how to reduce costs while causing the least amount of impact to customer service metrics. The days of figuring out how to program “IVR jails” and driving customers to websites without phone numbers are over.
Today’s consumer typically interacts with various brands customer service over 65 times per year. This doesn’t mean each interaction is a phone call, and given the new types of customers we have (multi-device users, Millennials, Gen-X/Gen-Y,) this has created a class of “Social A-D-D” personality types that prefer to self-serve themselves. These demographics customer satisfaction increases when you enable them to self-serve through a mobile application, mobile website, receive a text message or view on a tablet.
Mobile technology has changed the way consumers “prefer” to engage with customer service departments. They expect proactive communications vs. traditional corporate reactive communication.

Call Center - We can help

It is truly the perfect marriage of mobile and customer service. For the first time in the call center and customer service industry, where you can reduce costs and increase productivity, while increasing customer satisfaction, no more hard decisions on what matters most experience or cost.

While most executives still believe mobile is only related to mobile marketing, the most impactful mobile technology is around creating proactive self service options for end users.

BLK24 can identify within your customer service or sales call center organization, where you can leverage mobile opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, while increasing your customer satisfaction. The ability to reduce $5-7 phone calls to $.05 transactions, while increasing VOC metrics, is enough to turn any executives head.