Digital Strategy And Marketing


Why are we different than other digital marketing providers and agencies?

  • Analysis and Content: Thorough analysis and research of your products, selling strategy, target markets and demographics to be able to develop a detailed Content Strategy.
  • Ad Creative: We’re catchy, we follow your brand guidelines but we know how to best tailor the copy to the audience. No one size fits all. We create 2-3 campaigns per target audience and objectives. This can often be hundreds of campaigns per customer.
  • Campaign Management: No low level Account Managers “checking the pulse” of your campaigns. Our senior team checks in with your campaigns hourly and we monitor campaigns 7 days a week for 18 hours a day. Then we nap, while your other agency has fun weekends off and sleeps. ☺
  • Reporting: We don’t wait until the end of the month or campaign to send you reporting. You will know daily, weekly of how things are going, key focus areas, improvements and up to date ROI. We manage by the numbers and are excited to give them to you, NOT scared!

Digital Strategy