Marketing Is Taking Calculated Gambles, One Bet At A Time. 
BLK24 is an advisory and consulting company that is dedicated to giving you reassurance that your decisions and investments in the digital world will get you a return on your investment. In the crowded world of "mobile" you don't know which technology is the best, what will work for your company and where you should be investing in it. Let us quickly evaluate your current technology, customer experiences and assist you in your evaluation, digital planning and cost analysis. There is no reason you should waste your time and money trying to figure it out.  As a thought leader in this every changing world,  you don't have time to educate yourself, hire the experts to guide you through the process. 

It's 2013, every demographic is using a mobile phone. Your marketing reach is not complete without a mobile presence. A presence without a written plan will lead to minimal success.