An article came out yesterday with some new stats on the digital marketing growth in 2016.

We have been helping our clients grow their digital marketing campaigns more effectively this year. BLK24 manages and executes our digital marketing campaigns a little different, ok, a lot different than traditional advertising agencies. Our philosophy at BLK24 is to not to focus on impressions, clicks or reach. Our experts focus on REVENUE and ROI. You won’t hear us talking about “reach or impressions” numbers.

Before we take on any new clients, we have to understand the clients’ target audience and demographics. Developing a detailed content strategy is key when running a successful digital marketing campaign.

Our clients on average are seeing 400-900% ROI on their digital marketing investments. When can you ever tie back your spend to revenue on TV, radio or print advertising? You can’t!.
I’m not saying that all digital advertising is this effective or will get the return because a lot of digital marketing campaigns don’t get these kind of results.

But here are some of our five tips to digital marketing success:
1. Hire a digital marketing expert! It’s hard to figure it out yourself and run your business too.
2. Don’t setup a campaign and just let it run. It’s trial and error, you have to babysit it every hour to be effective and learn what is working.
3. Develop a content strategy upfront, don’t fly by the seat of your pants.
4. Target, target, target and learn. Be creative on who your target audience is and learn from them.
5. Develop your digital marketing brand “copy and speak”. Figure out your digital and social advertising voice.

If you follow some of these simple steps, you should probably see immediately results within the first few days. Furthermore, if you do not, you may need to go back to the drawing board.